Featured Black Owned Businesses

Grace Health Scrubs

Working in health care can be one of the most physically demanding industries. If you work in healthcare it is no doubt that you work hard every day and so you deserve only the best in work wear. If anyone understands this it is the owner of Grace Health Scrubs, a Registered nurse of 15 years Tina can definitely relate to the importance of wearing long lasting comfortable scrubs and shoes.


Grace Health Scrubs is a one stop shop for nurses and aides. From scrubs to thermometers, compression socks to stethoscopes, Grace Health Scrubs has it all!






Copper and Brass Paper Goods

Copper & Brass Paper Goods’ style is one of a kind, as its values flow effortlessly through its creations.  The brand shines a light on black culture by promoting positive representation of black people, using gorgeous illustrations which highlights the beauty and power of black people. Making the community the focal point is their dream, and striving to make a memorable experience in your gift-giving is their goal. 




ImagesNMore is an Etsy store run by Venicia Hubbard primarily dedicated to nurses. On her shop you'll find Black Lives Matter and Black Nurses Matter cell phone cases, water bottles, t-shirts, badge holders, and more!

Black Nurses Rock Water Bottle


Black Lives Matter Badge Holder


Personalized Fabric Mask 



A Tree of Us

A Tree of Us sells a variety of custom items including nurse themed tote bags, sweatshirts, and masks.